Art has always been a great love of mine.  My father is a teacher, artist, and musician and my mother is a teacher and a writer, so I grew up with a fistful of markers, crayons, and paint, the rhythm of music to inspire me, and the love of two parents who nurtured my creativity and passion for the arts.

For me, life is all about the connections we make. Those connections are made through communicating with one another in a unique way. Graphic design brings together two of my passions, art and design, in order to tell a story and foster connections among those who experience it. I want to use my creativity to help businesses build their brand, and increase their market share through the use of strong graphic design that speaks to their target audience.

I received an art degree from UTD and certfication in graphic design from Collin College.  It is with my insatiable appetite for learning and my love for visual arts that I set out to become a graphic designer, and it is with that same excitement, that I hope to make my mark in the world of graphic design.